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Nutritional Coaching
Cyndi Middleton has helped many clients over the past 25 years achieve their nutritional goals. Since 65-70% of a client's success achieving their goals is determined by the nutritional component, Cyndi has begun to offer nutritional coaching not only to her personal training clients, but to others. She holds SCW certifications in Sport Nutrition and Nutrition, Metabolism and Hormones and has over 2 decades of experience helping people achieve their goals. She believes that long term success lies in finding small changes that clients will retain long after their time with her comes to an end.
     Nutritional          Workshops
It's all about making better choices!
Ever wonder what macronutrients are and why they matter? In this hands on workshop, Cyndi will teach you how to balance your macros for enhanced metabolism.
Nutritional coaching should not be a one size fits all program. Cyndi will coach you to find choices that fit your tastes so that you are equipped to make changes that last your entire life! 
Lately there has been a lot of talk about taking vitamins to enhance the immune system. Cyndi will help you find the nutritional gaps within your diet and help you find the right things to supplement with in order to feel great and get healthy!