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Lipomassage Before and After Photos
Gynoid Lipomassage treatment-- 10 sessions
Android Lipomassage Treatment-- 15 sessions
Gynoid Lipomassage Treatment-- 10 sessions
Spot fat reduction is not possible through exercise. During my work as a personal  trainer, I can target certain muscle groups and improve the appearance of one's physique, but exercise alone cannot reduce the size of particular areas of your body. For years, my clients have been asking me to do that, and I have told them about Endermologie. Due to this, I began offering Endermologie as an additional service to my clients.

Lipomassage by Endermologie is a non-invasive, relaxing fat and cellulite reduction treatment. With Lipomassage, you can target hard to reach areas like inner thighs, saddlebags, and belly fat that exercise alone can't reach. The treatment stimulates the fat to be released from hard to reduce areas.  After a Lipomassage session, moderate exercise should be performed in order to burn the fat that is released. The exercise can be as simple as walking 30 for minutes.

The treatments are now performed in a relaxing treatment room in my Lakeshore home. This provides a great deal of privacy for those wanting to utilize this service.

Lipomassage offers a host of benefits. It increases blood circulation, increases lymphatic drainage, and tightens skin that has become lax due to age or overstretching due to pregnancy or weight gain. Because of all these benefits, the traditional approach has been to do full body treatments rather than targeting only specific areas.

Lipomassage is the secret weapon that the stars use in order to eliminate their cellulite. Watch the video testimonial by Gunnar Peterson, personal trainer to Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie. Now the same treatment that is available to the stars is available in the Atascocita area.
NOW AVAILABLE--TARGETED TREATMENTS for arms, legs, backs, bellies and butts at a fraction of the cost!
Invite a group of friends to my home for Lipomasssage treatment, Endermolift treatment, massages and facials at a reduced group cost. Hostess gets free Lipomassage or Endermolift treatment with a minimum number of guests. 
Full body Lipomassage or Endermolift treatments---Reg $160/ Sale $120
Targeted treatments--$30 per area
                                   $50/2 areas

Spa Party Pricing (min. 5 guests)
Full body treatments--$80
Targeted treatments--$25 per area
                                   $40/2 areas